BIM implementation is a strategic choice which must come from the company management, since it affects the current processes and existing resources.

The design and implementation of processes based on both, the company ‘know how’ and the best practices in project management, is the foundation for continuous improvement and the increase in efficiency of its resources use.

Nowadays, many companies and organizations main challenge is to consolidate its business and, moreover, to increase its resources efficiency. In such a competitive environment in which, a business forecast improvement is luckily taking place, it is high time to refine and make your teams focus on getting their products and services offered done as best as possible.

Implementation is proposed as a sequence in which the evolution is made progressively over three aspects, whose content will be gradually documented.

ibim servicios implantacionBIM 01

It is intended to implement the use of BIM technology in several stages, through the BIM development of a pilot project chosen by the client. The objective will be to acquire the capacity of own production in BIM within a determined period of time, through the applied training and the proper resources. Writing of the particular BIM plan of the company.

The current productive structure of the company will set the basis for the internal processes definition to produce and manage with BIM technology and stablish the operating rules:

1. Project goals/BIM objectives

2. BIM design process

3. Definition of BIM application areas

4. Roles within the company

5. Delivery strategy/contracts

6. Communication procedures

7. Technology infrastructures

8. Model quality control procedures

As the result of BIM experience, a set of advance basic families will be included for a few processes automation (windows, doors, furniture, detail items, labels, etc.)

Backup office: we also provide additional support through the parallel operation in our offices, for content and customized processes generation (initial template generation, initial standards documentation) and modelling and deliverables support if necessary.